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For the owners of a MP3 player or PDAs is the perfect online store offering coupons and gifts. The customer could browse through the different categories: Classics, Fiction, Science, Radio & TV, History, Health & Fitness, Newspapers & Magazines, Sports, Religion and so much more. After a credit card payment one can download the audiobook to their computer and transfer it to the Palm or iPod. The great advantage is that you can rule the whole process by your personal computer at home. There are certain benefits on becoming a member: free audio every week, bonus credits and promotions. There is also opportunity for creating a wish list and checking book and supscription balance. The audiobooks are offered in Audible audio format (aa) which is their own audio format. But the customer is given the option to burn the audio file to a CD and from there to compress it to whatever audio format they need. used in the cold winter days with their coupons and discounts is an outstanding offer.


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Listen to two FREE audiobooks RISK-FREE from Audible

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Listen to the New York Times Newspaper for free

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