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Owned by J2 Global Communications with their Efax coupon offers and good prices this is for all those who don’t want to have a lot of machinery in their office. This service is quite useful for those who need a suitable way to send and receive facsimiles without a fax machine but with their own computer. The web site is in nice colors and even at first glance the client will understand where to go and what should be done. An account should be registered first with the name, e-mail and zip code of the customer. Efax will send an e-mail of confirmation for the activation of the fax number. There is a category with free downloads which everyone can make use of. The site specials attract the attention with the 30 days free of charge promotional period. And there is no charge when receiving a fax. With coupon codes and promotional discounts everyone can get a substitute to a fax machine.


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